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CENS EDUCATION focuses on integrating ENS technology into learning opportunities for various communities, including 6-12 teachers and 6-12 students, undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and researchers in data management and education. Together our programs are designed to provide national visibility to ENS to research communities, the schools, and the public at large to enable maximization of the potential positive societal impacts through outreach and knowledge transfer activities. At CENS, education is intertwined with research and application development.


At CENS, education and data management are intertwined with research and application development. Our goals are to:

  • Advance the state of the art in inquiry based science education in grades 6-12 through the development and use of interactive ENS systems;
  • Increase the participation of under-represented students in undergraduate and graduate engineering research;
  • Conduct education research that will directly inform CENS educational design work and advance basic theoretical knowledge of students' understanding of scientific inquiry; and
  • Advance our understanding of the intersections between education, cyberinfrastructure, and digital libraries.


The education component has established these initiatives to help meet our objectives:

Inquiry Module Development – Advancing the state of the art in inquiry based science education in grades 6-12 through the use of interactive ENS systems
Educational Research on Student Learning Conducting research that will directly inform CENS educational design work and advancing basic theoretical knowledge of students’ understanding of scientific inquiry
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Supporting undergraduates in science and engineering through a comprehensive summer internship program working directly with CENS technology, faculty, and graduate students
Diversity Programs and Women @ CENS – Increasing the participation of underrepresented minorities and women in undergraduate and graduate engineering research
Data Management Research – Conducting research on ENS-related data management issues, including scientists and educators’ use of data and visualization tools
Ethics Program - Educating CENS individuals and partners about the importance of ethics


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CENS offers a variety of research and professional development opportunities for our graduate student researchers. Learn more about graduate level ENS courses and research, professional development, and career opportunities.


CENS Education provides a variety of research opportunities for undergraduate students. CENS provides summer and academic-year undergraduate research opportunities, with emphasis on recruiting women and underrepresented minority students.

  • The CENS SRC URO Scholars Program is an academic year research program that provides undergraduates hands-on research experience and networking opportunities with CENS and the Semiconductor Research Corporation.
  • CENS Summer Internship Program engages selected undergraduates in 8-week summer research experiences as well as professional development and networking opportunities with CENS.

More about CENS Education for Undergraduate Students.


CENS has several opportunities for teachers and students to interact with CENS technology, both curriculum for the classroom and activities on the web.

Grade 6-12 Students / General Public Activities
  • Investigate plant adaptations to the Environment with your class, group, or as independent study.
  • Help a scientist perform their research by classifying data.


CENS is affiliated with the HS-SEAS High School Summer Internship Program, which provides research opportunities for a few selected high school students each summer. High School students interested in CENS research are also encouraged to apply for this program. Please contact us for more information.